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Started this blog with good intentions…


Recently I had an illustrator create a character like me that I could use on this blog. You’ve probably noticed. If anyone knows me the peak hair cut and sharp appearance are a giveaway (maybe just the first point :p).

I design and implement solutions based on Cisco UCS, EMC VNX and VMware vSphere. This is what I do each week, I love it and find it very fulfilling. Recently got my VCP5 also, like the rest of the masses before the Feb deadline.

I am very busy but see the value in maintaining an online record of interesting things I come across in work. I would love it to spawn some discussion on the topics I cover as well so I want to use this blog not just as a tool to share but to build on my on knowledge and skills also. Mutually beneficial is the goal of this blog.

I bought this domain 1 year ago (I know because I just got the renewal through) and I want to make it work. Lets see how I go.

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