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I am Steven Johnston, an IT Professional with nearly a decade of experience. I hold the position of Solutions Architect at Novosco ( and am a Novosco Tech Blogger.
Novosco Tech Blog

I am originally from Northern Ireland but relocated with my company to England and I now live in Wilmslow. Most of my work is UK based and I travel extensively. This is my personal blog and as such all views and opinions are my own.

My specialties include Virtualisation (primarily VMware vSphere), Storage (EMC, Cisco MDS), Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange, Scripting (Powershell, vbscript), Networking (Cisco) and I have experience in many other technologies.

Most topics will be on my most recent focus within work which has been datacentre projects involving VMware, Cisco and EMC technologies.

I am always up for a challenge and keen to be pushed outside my comfort zone. In both work and play I am a geek, early adopter and technology lover. I also have a love for cars, FPS games and Asian food.

Steve J eating Dim Sum in London's China Town

Dim Sum in London's China Town

If you are interested in following my ramblings on twitter you can find me under username @stejoh

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